Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Max Weinberg, plz be there

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band are playing their usual pre-tour rehersal gig at Conventional Hall in Asbury Park tonight and I think there was one last night too. Tickets went on sale the 20th, and I'm pretty sure they're impossible to get but if you can, get them, and go. If I was home and 100 dollars richer, I would have bought one.

I've got my ticket for May 23rd, and could not be any happier. As previously divulged, I love Bruce Springsteen.

My cousin Charlie has informed me that Max Weinberg might not be playing every show on the tour- which is upsetting. This Rolling Stone article tells me that his son Jay might sub (he has a metal band- HA). There's a video embedded in the article of the band + Jay Weinberg performing Born To Run, and I don't hate it.
But, I would be pretty damn disappointed if Max Weinberg did not play my first Springsteen show at Giant's Stadium -excuse me- The Izod Center.
Did I mention, Jay Weinberg, is my age?! Actually- a year younger. How crazy is that!? To be 19 years old, and play packed stadiums with hundreds of people who love the band your in, watching you and singing every word to every song- Nuts!

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