Monday, March 23, 2009


The wheels of my bike have dry-rot, and I think I should probably replace them before going for a ride, or even think about using it as a serious mode of transportation.

I know it would probably be really impractical, because you know I go to school in a city, and need to carry things other than a thumb drive BUT I really want to get a longboard. (FUN FACT I skated in middle school, poorly, but I did it none the less)

I think this one from Koastal is pretty beautiful.

There is nothing soft I can eat with a meal plan here, and my post-surgery mouth is still pretty painful. Lame.
Spring Break wisdom teeth removal. Lame.

Having your mom make you mashed potatoes and bring you orange sherbet all week. Awesome.

A Strawberry Flavor Burst would be so good right now.

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