Saturday, March 14, 2009

into the abyss

Spring Break, WOOOOOOOO!

Things still need to get done and will get done, but it's nice to take it easy for a bit.

There is something so familiar and comforting about taking Amtrak from destination to destination. The subtle rocking that accompanies the low hum of the train's rushing are almost surreal. Sitting in a soft seat and peering out the window as eastern seaboard rushes past is really wonderful. I'm so happy it doesn't make sense for me to take the bus.

There's a really great show on National Geographic Channel right now called Into The Abyss. It's about finding new species and their development in a 20,00 foot gorge in the Celebes Sea. It's so mind boggling that so many of these beautiful creatures have been living since the ice age. I think we could learn a lot from what's going on below the surface.

Here's a great video clip that was on the Nat Geo site.

How rad are those pigmy sea horses!? That shrimp that can see beyond UV Rays, so gnarly. I'm perpetually inspired and surprised by how beautiful and fascinating these things are.

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