Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm starting to recover. I had surgery on the first day of spring break, and have either been in a ton of pain or in medicated lala land since. But today, I'm actually feeling so much better! Which is really excellent because I have so much work to do before heading back to Baltimore. Also on a positive note, I won't have to wear thick black RayBan's every day in order to see!

I'm off to write a Modernism paper, I actually like Henri Matisse a whole lot. Claire and her mom took me to see this great show at the BMA before spring break, and it was a lovely experience. (Also one of the guys from WitchHat was a guard?) It was so nice to be able to see in an almost tangible way how the art I'd been studying in class really changed the way people at the time were seeing things. I was so impressed with the prints they had in the exhibition. It only made it worse that I wasn't able to get into a printmaking class this semester. AND I AM A CONCENTRATOR!! But, that's okay. I'll just take a bunch next semester.

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