Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leather Legs, Transcending Time and Space, also, a Falcon.

"I wanted yesterday to express this vision I have of Hermès, that we should all have something different. Hermès is somewhere else. I wanted the show yesterday to be suspended in time and space. You don’t really know where you are or where this woman comes from. It was a way to remind that Hermès is a brand that is open to the world, lively, always evolving, curious of other cultures. I thought about North Africa, Mongolia, the Hermès heritage, colors, the ’20s, etc., etc. What was interesting was to put them in a shaker and to try not to make them literal, but to make them contemporary for today." - Christophe Lemaire

As you may or my not know, I absolutely adore all things Hermès (see this post from two years ago). Christophe Lemaire's inaugural collection with the nearly two hundred year old design house was true perfection. The shapes, the colors, the shoes, everything, was absolutely perfect. I just read this interview NYTimes did with Christophe, which although brief, is incredibly informative. The reader catches a glimpse into the world of a creative mind, being asked to produce an accessible outward reflection of a timeless brand, in a fresh, modern context. I really like what Christophe says in regards to Hermès as a luxury brand. "Hermès is a brand of functionality with extreme quality. At Hermès, we don’t say we do luxury. We do useful objects of an extreme quality. You have to think about the comfort, the functionality, the pockets, the way the clothes will age. The inside is as important as the outside. The extreme quality that you feel, rather than show, is extremely important."

This was by far my favorite out of all the Fall 2011 shows. The spectacle (as I am now learning is a recurring theme in my life and work) was there to behold. In addition to the easy draping and fine fabrics, metallic footwear, leather pants that morphed into shoes, a 21-year old falcon named Josephine completed the event. Here are some of my favorite looks, all photos are from

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