Tuesday, December 9, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

My roommate Claire loves the New York Times Style Supplement and Magazine. From time to time, I'll come back to the apartment to find something ripped out from the aforementioned publications on my desk that remind her of me. 
Yesterday while I was writing, she delivered this: 

Hermès produces most beautiful, special, rich things. I've been using Eau Des Merveilles for the past four years, and probably will continue doing such for a long while. The scarf is so beautiful, and so is the packaging. The production of the scarf was limited to 200, thus making it even more precious. SeeSaw Designs has a nice little blog about it.

I love Josef Albers. He is one of my two favorite painters (Hopper is the other). I am fascinated by his use of color and reductive approach to design. 


Raquel Raney said...

thanks for linking to us. liking what you have to offer.

Melissa Barat said...

no problem and thanks i'm glad!