Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eddie Opara // Pecha Keetra // Senior Thesis Insight

Poster by MICA Graphic Design MFA candidate Aviv Lichter

Here's an article I recently contributed to the MICA Graphic Design Blog

So, imagine that you’ve spent the past 4-5 months thinking, ideating, researching, falling in love with whatever it is you’ve been focusing on. Then imagine, developing a project relating to your interest that you will spend the next 3 months designing, building and installing. THEN imagine that 2 weeks into R&D (research and development, get familiar) you have to present the ethos of your project to the newest partner at Pentagram; in the form of a Pecha Kucha, meaning 20 keynote sides, each slide of information lasting a mere 20 seconds long.

That is what happened to myself and number of other seniors in Keetra Dean Dixon’s Advanced Graphic Design 2 class this past Monday! As I am sure you can imagine, anticipating this was far more strenuous than the actual presenting, which was awesome. Some nerve-easing factors were, these presentations were about process, which is what Eddie Opara, said new partner at pentagram, was going to lecture about later in the evening. Also, his audience was going to be a little bit bigger, and filled with people he didn’t know. So we were in similar boats. Eddie was incredibly friendly and insightful. It was such an excellent opportunity to share our projects with someone with a completely different set of references and fresh perspective.

After having shared our Pecha Kucha presentations with him, his lecture became even more meaningful. Eddie shared his tales of perpetual revision, tumultuous review boards and how every discovery can lead to a excellent idea in future projects. An encapsulating quote as tweeted by MICA_GD “A piece is never finished. It’s always going on. You are trying to advance upon what you’ve done beforehand. I love that.”

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