Saturday, October 9, 2010

Professor Peabody

Went to the Peabody Library yesterday for History of Prints. OH MY GOD.

What an amazing experience. Maybe I'm a total nerd, but it is one of the most beautiful, amazing places I've ever been in Baltimore. I got to touch an original copy of the NUREMBERG CHRONICLE from 1493, peruse original copies of Muybridge's locomotion photographs, and interact with William Morris's Works of Chauser published by his own Kelmscott press in the 1800s. It was so awesome to be able to handle these historical text and images in sort of surreal sanctum that is the Peabody Library. The best part of the trip was the fact that we, the students, were encouraged to handle the books, flip through the pages (gently) and learn from their texts in a library setting. If we were to look at these beautiful books and prints in a museum setting, we would simply have to admire them as objects, not interact with the books as they were intended.

Thanks Paul and Trudi for such an awesome trip!

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