Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ace

I recently spent the night at The Ace in New York City.

Oh my God, is it possible to be inlove with a Hotel?
It was a warm, smart, simply luxurious, kind of rock and roll place to rest my head.
KEXP's CMJ showcase was also happening in the lobby while I was there, which made it even better.
The shampoo was perfect, the soap was perfect, the exposed closet and hidden minibar were perfect.
An Opening Ceremony and Stumptown Coffee (which is the best coffee in America as far as I'm concerned) were on the premise as well.

I want to be the Eloise of the Ace.

Subsequently I also collected all possible collateral to be found in the room.
Highlights include: blank staff paper to record the song you dreamt of during the night, envelopes with non-traditional side flap closure and finally, small note pad with engraved branding.

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