Wednesday, October 14, 2009

on my grind, you know?

Per usual- this has been a busy week!

Matt McNary from Hammerpress came to Baltimore for the first time. Jenna graciously agreed to drive/accompany me to BWI to pick him up Monday afternoon. The only airport I'm familiar with is EWR otherwise known as Newark International; so it was fun to go explore. It was a pretty surreal experience, everything was very clean, shiny, and surprisingly quiet minus the sudden bombast of the airport's version the "if you see something say something" announcements.

Went to Soup's On for lunch and Brewer's Art for dinner on Monday- two Mt. Vernon staples I'd never experienced, but thoroughly enjoyed! Had interesting design/production discussion over dinner with the chair of my department , the shop tech for our printmaking facility, Matt, a graphic design grad student, and two other undergrad friends. Also had a celebratory Domo slurpee (see photo above) after a real successful AIGA membership drive.

I'm actually excited for my upcoming photo imaging / flash projects - will keep you posted as they further develop.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors are on right now - y'all should tune in, it's mad good.

I gotta go find a blanket or something- it's freezing in this historic (drafty) apartment.


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