Friday, October 16, 2009

"never trust a man who looks like Omar Sharif"

It's about 42 degrees in Baltimore, and the middle of October? What is this?!
I'm completely unprepared- my coats are in Jersey. All I've got is this stylish fashion-cape, but it's warm so we good.

Fall break starts today, I'm staying around instead of heading back up north. Gotta get some work done and embark on some entrepreneurial ventures which will remain hush hush for the time being.

But anyway I had a (surprisingly) good crit in experimental type for my final cyrillic hang tags. Ken was really into them. I was unsure of the final product just because they felt a little too playful and a little too naive, you know? But Ken said that it worked and it was kind of reminiscent of J. Otto; which I could get down with- I liked Olive the Other Reindeer.

Here are jpgs of the tags before I printed and cut them out on fawn stonehenge. They fold down the middle. There is a string that ties around the folded center and then around the tag on the other end.

Plush - Holiday

Plush - Valentine

Plush- Spring

I presented the hang tags in three different colorways, with the intention for the boutique to change them with the season, look for that month; making the tags themselves feel like more of a covetable item than just an indicator

In other news: the Duck Sauce video for aNYway finally came out.
I AM OBSESSED. So amazing.
I'm so happy for the Fool's Gold Fam. Enjoy!

Duck Sauce "aNYway" (Surface To Air version) from A-Trak on Vimeo.

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