Sunday, June 14, 2009

end of may

I haven't really been posting things because I've been real busy doing them.

Springsteen was awesome! It was probably the best live show I've ever seen. Maybe even surpassing the Stones.
The set was excellent, the band was excellent and of course, Bruce was excellent. A lot of fun tailgating, great company, really funny new jersey moms and dads getting wasted and genuinely enjoying themselves. Oh! and I met Jay Weinberg! Cool, right?!

Here's a video I took of Out In The Street; SO GOOD! Sorry if my hand's a lil shaky.

I also went to the Claw Money x Sunglass Hut Social Sun event, which was the release party for Claw's lim. edition line of shades for the store. Seeing Seanypaul (sean paul) in real life was an interesting experience to say the least. Got to meet a lot of cool people including Claw herself and Will of Caps & Jones.

Still busy; tryin'a learn how to be a better graphic designer; etc. I'm going to make an attempt to post more regularly again.

ye ye

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