Sunday, December 7, 2008

hirshhorn podcast

I've been dying to go to a museum lately. I really wanted to get to the MoMA (my favorite museum) when I went home for Thanksgiving break, but just didn't have the time. I was thinking it might be nice to go to the Hirshhorn before going back up north for winter break. 
The museum itself is really beautiful, and I very much enjoy their collection. Last year I went to see the Morris Lewis exhibition, and it was really inspiring. 

But anyway, I was browsing their website (again in avoidance of paper writing, even though I've got a solid thesis and a few pages) and found out they have podcasts! I downloaded a few of them but haven't gotten a chance to listen.  LINK

Lately I just want to listen to jazz, probably because I'm feeling overwhelmed with finals and anticipating not being in baltimore for a month, so it's helping to keep me in a possitive, focused creative mindset. I'm particularly enjoying Art Tatum.  Also, how good is this album cover?

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littlej said...

morris lewis @ the hirshorn ROCKED.
luv dat shit.

....back to the dookie that i was...