Monday, December 15, 2008


So last night I stayed up until 4 am cleaning up some prints and treating a couple hand embellished elements of an edition for my Collagraph and Color final this morning at 9am.

My final project for this half of the semester was an accordion book hand sewn with small squares cut out, and then sewn together. Each page was a small relief rolled lino of a seascape, all of the pages lined up so it expressed the idea of the undulation of a wave. I've been working with this idea of "controlled intimacy" the second half of the semester, and in doing such have tried to include some sort of tangible element to each of my pieces.

Coming to these small sculptural solutions just reenforce my love of more tactile work. I really miss the sculpture class I had with Ivy Parsons first semester freshman year. I learned so much about building principles, and just how to think more creatively around problems. She forced us to extend available materials and explore the boundaries of physicality. Also, I learned so much through the artists she exposed me to, specifically Matthew Barney, Jean (Hans) Arp, Eva Hesse and Robert Morris.

I really enjoyed staying up late (not so much being exhausted today) and just building beautiful objects.

Here are some photos from my sculpture final last year. The assignment was to change a space using one specific medium, and a lot of it. Or at least that's how I remember the description of it. I used hundreds of pieces of white paper, light, fishing wire, and a few cut out patterns to create a sensory experience one could emerge themselves in. It was very fragile, but it was really beautiful to see people interact with the hanging pieces, as it altered the shadows and created a lot of really lovely shapes.

I'll upload my work from Collagraph as soon as I get a chance to document it.

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L.B. said...

I didn't know you were into eva hesse.