Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A. Aburey Bodine

The other day I trekked down to the Barnes and Noble in the harbor for a well deserved break from finals. I was on a mission to get some Albers note cards that I saw online, but proceeded to be overwhelmingly underwhelmed by their selection. Luckily I found this lovely little rounder in the corner of the room that had all of these historic baltimore photographs. They were some of the most beautiful images. I've come to develop a real love of Baltimore in the past two years, making these images even more wonderful. A. Aburey Bodine was a photographer for almost half a century at the Batlimore Sun and had accrued a plethora of images. I really am fond of the ones from Bolton Hill in the 1950s, and the ones of kids in the 50s just doing goofy things. I bought a few of these note cards, but the more seasonal looking ones. I scanned these three in before I gave them away, as I felt they made a nice triptych.

I just took the most wonderful four hour afternoon nap, my Graphic Design final critique was at 8 am today, so as I am sure you can imagine, I was real tired. I think it went really well. I just have one more short essay to write this evening for Native American Studies class, and then I am done with first semester sophomore year. In the great words of Busta Rhymes, WOO HA!

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