Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MICA Art Market 2010

Hi Hi
Here's a quick preview of some of the work I'll be selling at MICA's Art Market this week. The annual sale is happening this Wednesday 12/8 through this Saturday 12/11 in the Brown Center. It's a great opportunity to support up and coming artists as well as find unique holiday gifts. I'll be selling some letterpress notecards, postcards and new jewelry!

I'm super excited about the silver on black 'Have Mercy' cards. They look awesome when you write on them with black pencil. I'm not selling as much jewelry as I would have liked to, but there is more to come. This year's collection is made of laser cut masonite and gold plated chain and posts. Hopefully I'll have time to cultivate more of them over break.

on an unrealated note, have you seen It Might Get Loud? HOLY SHIT. Maybe, I'm kind of late on this, but it's awesome.
I'm such a sucker for rockumentries. Highly Recommend!


Brandon Moats said...

hi mel, we don't know each other, but i somehow stumbled onto your blog. i really love all your stuff. so fun, so cool. love the ink press stuff. and i think we have the same brain bc our logos are almost identical <3 let's be friends

luv, bran

pcarlson@ringling.edu said...

I like the have mercy cards.

Mel Bar said...


Glad you like the work. Thanks for reading!