Tuesday, November 16, 2010

grad u atin'

For our most recent letterpress assignment, we needed to create postcards inspired by Globe (see two posts down) promoting an event. So, for my postcards, I created two different linoleum plates, one with pattern and one with typography. I utilized the typographic hierarchy that Globe regularly employed , moving type and bold, short words. The back of the postcard is all woodtype. I printed the woodtype on a Vandercook Universal Press, and the two linocuts...I printed on the etching press. I have a lot of trouble with the Vandercook, and I think right now its just because it's still not that familiar. I've been printing on the small etching presses for nearly four years now, so I have a good handle on regulating pressure and impression. I am pretty pleased with the end result, however Mary suggested I still print on the Vandercook to get a less inky blue/black typographic layer.

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