Tuesday, February 9, 2010

blizzard smizzard

So, I've been surviving the Baltimore/Washington 'Snowpocolypse' of 2010 just fine.

More of the white stuff is allegedly coming down tonight and class is already canceled for tomorrow!
I was up until 3 last night putting the finishing touches on my GD4 infographic and started to build my exhibition guide for Flex.
You can see more photos of my infographic design process on my flickr photostream, but here's a quick photo of the final right after I printed it this afternoon.

They also canceled parent&family weekend, which is a bummer I was looking forward to spending the day with my Maj.
She called me last night reminding me to get get bread and other groceries before the storm, so I was walking around with a survival bag all morning.

hmmm what else?? Well, I recently designed a spring calender of events for the MICA Graphic Design department. It'll be printed into postcards as well.

also, my homage to saint valentine and josef albers

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