Friday, January 22, 2010

Pat Steir

In my intaglio print class, the students were assigned to research intaglio printmaking, find a relevant artist working in intaglio and then post about the artist his/her work on the class blog. The students were also instructed to include photos of their own work to support their statement. I discovered Pat Steir, and immediately chose to write bout her work.

Pat Steir is an painter and printmaker who lives in New York. I found her work on the Crown Point Press website. I was drawn to her prints because they were so subtle, yet very loud. I'm intrigued by the use of color in intaglio. Her color water bite and sugar lift aquatints are very appealing. I'm interested in the textures she has created on the plate that translate the language of brushstrokes. I would like to explore different types of intaglio. One of Steir's pieces from Crown Point, Alphabet:Secondary, is interesting not only because of it's palate and textures, but the variety of methods used in creating it. I would like to learn about Color soap ground, sugar lift and spit bite aquatints. Her work:

The following images are some of my recent screenprints. In learning how to use soap ground, sugar lift, and aquatints I think I would be able to better inform my imagery on copper and zinc plates.

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