Monday, December 14, 2009

not so bad

Finals are like you know, finally happening.

Reality Illusion and the Moving Image (film theory) // paper //done & turned in

Screenprinting // tryptic finished // final crit tomorrow AM

Experimental Type // NYTimes T finished & Printed // Numerals finished, door plaque finished, numbers need to be printed
//final crit tomorrow PM

GD3/FLASH // Animation finished // Poster finished, needs to be torn // final crit wed. AM

PhotoImaging // Photos taken, book printed, needs to be bound, billboard needs to be shot and printed // final crit wed. PM

Folk Life and Folk Art // gotta buy some burger meat to make burgers on a forman grill for final tailgating performance //final thurs. PM

Halfway through junior year of college? weird. but awesome

^ baltimore sun via google image search "whales doing funny things"

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