Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last night was my friend Andrew's housewarming/potluck/birthday party. It was so nice to just sit outside on the concrete stoop and enjoy everyone's company. The weather keeps changing here in Baltimore; it felt so good just to be together on one of the first crisp fall evenings. Bettina made little cheese cake torts with bits of orange zest in them; so so good.

I got up early today to go the studio and finish my most recent edition of prints. I wanted to achieve some kind of colorless texture as part of my last layer; so I decided to use acrylic gloss medium. I had used it before in various different paintings, so I was confident that it would suite my purpose. However, after the first few prints the gloss started to harden up in my screen (Joe warned me about this); I tried to clean it but even after power washing it was still no good. I decided I might as well just use my fingers as brushes and made the last few monoprints. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. I'll document them after the crit on tuesday.

After a late brunch Max and I walked home through the park, where some students/former students/baltimore people were having a yard sale. I got a real nice Fred Perry blue and black plaid oxford for $5 bucks and strangely, it smells really really good. It smells kind of like drinking spiced tea in front of a bonfire in the middle of the woods. It just makes me want to go to Watchung Reservation.

Now I have to go make some more vectors to incorporate into my latest flash animation for GD3. Once I figure out how to upload flash; I'll share them with you.

have a good one, internet.


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