Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mid august, yoi!

I can't believe my summer vacation is almost over.

Nearly 250 hours spent interning at MTV Networks, which was rad. I learned a lot about the Adobe Creative Suite and the business of graphic design. It was interesting to work for television, in an office, have an art director, with expectations to meet, and a lengthy commute home. I helped create the off air logo, internal marketing, and off channel multi-platform campaigns for Degrassi Goes Hollywood, The Movie (which premieres on the N very soon!) I don't think I can post any images until after it airs :/

I finally got to a beach, went with my family to Cape May which was rather enjoyable. In addition to diving into the Atlantic for three days straight, I got some taffy, macaroons, Italian blood orange lip balm and a nice tan.

A new gallery in the Washington Street Mall has a show up called "The Art of Relaxation" with the paintings of Jersey based artist Sean Taylor. The images were very beautiful and kind of familiar. If you're not beachin' it in Cape May I would suggest checking the show out, it's up til the beginning September. These are a few of his works.

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Nick Iluzada said...

yo those paintings are shweet! i can't believe summer's coming to a close once again. sighhh