Monday, July 6, 2009

dreamz come true!

Okay It's been a while since my last post; but the past week has been very busy.

All of my girlhood dreams came true when I saw No Doubt live at PNC Bank Arts Center.
When I was little I wanted to grow up to be Gwen Stefani. You can only imagine how excited I was for the show.
The set was AMAZING. Perfect. It was so good to hear tracks off Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn live. Shit, it was so good to hear everything live. All the songs I knew word for word because I'd been listening to them since 1995 just became more wonderful and important. Did I mention I had THIRD ROW CENTER seats?! I could just go on about this for days, but instead here are some photos :

I was close enough to Gwen Stefani to take that photo. I can't believe it either!

On a sad note, the world lost Michael Jackson last week. I was legitimately upset for two days straight. It was like a part of my childhood died. In my mind MJ was on the same level as Queen Elizabeth, some illusive untouchable diamond encrusted royalty. But I cared more about MJ than Queen Elizabeth. He made me dance. He spurred many moonwalk competitions. He sang the song at the end of Free Willy. He introduced me to the world of music video as fine art. He introduced me to Motown. He introduced me to dance music. He was the ultimate in cool. He was Michael Jackson! I can only hope that he is celebrated and not defamed in his passing. I raise my glitter glove to you MJ.


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