Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last winter my family and I went on a drive to Long Branch. My mom spent her summers there with her family when she was a kid so it was really awesome to go and experience it.

However, I was horrified to see this . I can understand the thought process behind this monstrosity, but I do not support it. The complex itself towers over everything. It just shoots up in the middle of this coastal town blocking whatever view of the ocean anybody else might have had. I refuse to post photos because it's just upsetting.

I mean really, how many luxury shops and spas and restaurants do you need at the shore? Can't you have something small and comfortable that is luxurious within itself? If you want something really monumental and "luxurious" (i.e. expensive) and out of the ordinary can't you just go to Atlantic City? It works in Atlantic City. It should stay there, and not invade the rest of the coast. These developers have been trying to take away people's homes (eminent domain sucks) to continue building this "project". Can you believe that? UGH. This site is pretty interesting in relation to eminent domain.

God I get so disgusted by excessive spending on unnecessary things. Don't get me wrong, I love nice things, special things, unique things, that you can't always have or that are once in a while. BUT REALLY when I saw this structure I almost cried. My stomach was in knots for weeks.

Since I've been out of the state I haven't really had access to information about the issue, and the most recent stuff that I found online was from december. I really hope this isn't still going on.

Why do I suddenly rant about this now? I was looking for places online I could possibly bring my mom to for a mother's day brunch lady's day type thing, and a couple of restaurants from that "Pier Village" popped up.


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