Monday, April 20, 2009

Hatch Show Prints

Recently I was lucky enough to get attend a lecture on Hatch Show Prints by Jim Sherraden. It was amazing to see the history of the shop, which is still the oldest working letterpress shop in the United States. The woodtype itself is so incredibly beautiful, it was really awesome to see these and crafted typefaces be preserved and still utilized today. Letterpress is awesome. It is just flat out awesome. I love when design becomes a tangible thing, and letterpress yields marvelously tactile results. Hopefully, I'll get an opportunity to take a class in the near future. I had the opportunity to meet Jim before the lecture and he was a really warm charismatic guy. He came to MICA earlier in the day to pull a few posters in our press (sadly I had class) and I heard it was a great experience. I'd really like to visit the shop down in Nashville, road trip anyone?


L.B. said...

that al green poster so sexyyy
so is that line-up for that coen brothers where art thou thingie. mmmm emmylou.

Emily said...

lauren, I kept looking at those posters and wanting to buy you them all. hank and johnny and patsy and gooooood

L.B. said...

awww emilyyyyyy