Wednesday, April 8, 2009

lending a hand

Recently I've had a few opportunities to use my design skills to help out a couple of friends

John is organizing an exhibition of MICA student work as part of CAPfest; A Community Arts Partnership event that happens each spring. I made the signage for the exhibition and came up with the title (it's a little corny in a cute way but super appropriate for the event). John is going to get it cut out of vinyl and adhere it the wall on Brown 2.

The Graphic Design department had a special event for the second round of "Major Cafe" where freshmen who have recently decided on their majors come and hang out with current design students, meet the department co-chair and ask questions. Brockett asked me to make a few name tags a day or so before the event. I really dig the solution. The construction was a challenge. I had to go work after class on thursday, thus losing whatever access I had to a button maker. Instead, I created a system of rectangular name tags that slipped into a mylar sleeve (good thing I remembered I had some behind my desk) which attached to the person via safety pin. Pretty crafty, right?

I was thinking about the intro to the old Micky Mouse Club. Annette!

Also Max and I collaborated on the cover design for the newest Psychic Friends publication, but that is a secret until the release.

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