Saturday, February 14, 2009

never not working

I'm selling a few monoprints at the MICA art market this weekend. This is one in a series of five.

They're collagraph prints with a view hand embellishments, including but not limited to "shin-cole" (I am spelling it phonetically but it's when you adhere bits of paper onto your print before applying ink) and sewing.

I'm happy to sell them. If I didn't they'd just be rotting away in a drawer somewhere. They're certainly not an embodiment of my aesthetic by any means, but they were a good means of growth through experimentation.

Mom came down, and we spent the day together which was very nice.
She brought all sorts of treats from home, including but not limited to EMPANADAS (!!!), my nameplate necklace, and assorted bath products.

I spoke about design at department function today and that was a great experience.

I'll be going to Manhattan next weekend (finally), after of course, Treasure Fingers & Blackstarr on Friday.

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