Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mike D, Thanks For Everything.

So I've been working and working and working and working. But it's great.
Today I woke up super early to go to the studio, and some grad student had the best shared iTunes.

I listened to the Beastie Boys for 6 hours straight. Hello Nasty. Win.

In the winter, my lips are constantly inadequately moisturized, as are my hands and everything else exposed to the Baltimore tundra. But lately, I keep biting my lip, because I keep loosing my chapsticks.

Strangers think I am biting my lip at them and the situation just gets very uncomfortable.

No my friend, it is not an innuendo, I just need to step up my Burt's Bees game. Fail.

Clubs in Baltimore are funny, I guess clubs everywhere are funny. I wish Spankrock would just have shows all the time. I went to see Ninjasonik(?) tonight and Japanther. I can't tell if Ninjasonik is serious or not. Japanther (a fave of my crew, I still don't get it), just made me think that's what happens when you're GFA and a grown ass person.

BUT ANYWAY, it was good to get out to a show again, and potentially get my dance on, and finally wear my shiny AA pants that've been hiding in my drawer since October.