Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In addition to all sorts of really wonderful conclusions I've come to recently, the most exciting, my realization of how much I love design.

I just want to get better at design. I want to learn more about design. I want to continue making beautiful things, become more innovative, continue to outdo my self with each project, or at least attempt to. What's really exciting about all that, is that I'm making a career out of it. And that rules.

I got this Barbara Kruger book today at the library, I'm really excited to read it.

I've always had an interest in her use of type, but really haven't looked much further into her work. I had more of an appreciation Supreme ads after I first saw her work. Surprisingly enough, homegirl was born in NEWARK!

I'm really hyped on the type II project I've been working on, in addition to this thievery corporation thing, even though it's caused Lebonese Blonde to be stuck in my head (thanks Zach Braff) for the past two weeks.

Jenna just sent me this, I had to LOL.

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Max Guy said...

i like barbara kruger because her use of text is often pretty crude and i almost think unsophisticated at times, but everything after it has become ridiculously contrived. i think the fact that it is so basic and honest just dwarves all other work in a sense. that watch of hers that i have wasn't made well, i should have just sold it.