Tuesday, January 20, 2009

obama sick day, obama snow day, obama okay

I was on the commuter train to DC that was scheduled right before Obama's train, so when we stopped in Philadelphia, we pulled up on the platform adjacent to the inaugural caboose! Which was so cool, decorated just like every historical photograph I'd ever seen. It was so refreshing to see the outpouring of hope and general well wishing along the rest of the ride to Baltimore. Every town we rode through, and even emptier spots along the track, there were men and woman and families all lined up waving American flags and just flat out excited to see Barack Obama on the way to the White House. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed thinking that I was witnessing history, and that I was a part of history. When I arrived at Baltimore Penn Station, there was a ton of Obama and Biden supporters and commemorative memorabilia at the news stand. On a frigid Saturday morning, there were absolutely no cabs, but what seemed to be a bunch of secret service vehicles.

Since then, it's been good to be back. Really good to be with everyone. Extra good. However, It's been so incredibly cold, snowy, and I've caught a pretty gnarly cold, which since yesterday has been doing a number on my immune system. First classes of this semester tomorrow, can't wait.

I am excited for the changes to come.

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