Friday, October 17, 2008

Wave of Sound

My iTunes got wiped over the summer due to a super lame laptop malfunction. I've been restoring my library since mid-July and have just recently acquired some old favorites.

Something I'm really excited about, Beach Boys: Endless Summer.

I've got it on vinyl but having it on the iPod rules.
It's just one of those albums you know is excellent, so you're not always compelled to listen, especially when you've grown up listening to it and you know it's good. Listening to this is like getting an unexpected visit from a friend, who has brought you a box of salt water taffy that you proceed to eat for hours while sitting around just talking and laughing about everything.

Last year I was obsessed with Pet Sounds and all things Brian Wilson. Particularly The Wave of Sound . Phil Spector's influence on Brian Wilson is so evident on both albums. I vaguely remember reading an interview where Wilson proclaims "Be My Baby" to be his favorite song, of all time. Endless Summer's "Don't Worry Baby" --> DIRECT CONNECT!
So good.

Wilson's Wave of Sound, Spector's Wall of Sound. I'm perpetually fascinated with both of these ideas.

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